Being at the crossroads of international shipment and trade arena, we, Nithi Trading, have established long-term relationships with manufacturers, shipping agents and other traders.

Currently we can offer you directly from farm, mills and factories in Asia:

  • Palm Kernel Expeller (Malaysia, Indonesia);
  • Cruse palm stearin for animal feed-Palmitic acid 75%
  • Crude Palm Oil refined (Malaysia);
  • RBD Palm olein cooking oil;
  • Fertilizers: urea N46, CAN ( Ni 28% +2-8%), DAP, Potash 60,, NPK 15-15-15+8S+TE, ,CM 136B -13/6/23/3 +B+Zn, CM45B 12/12//17/2+8S+TE, water soluble phosphate 10/4/24/4+0.5B) (Malaysia);
  • Coffee ( Vietnam);
  • PVC resins ( China);
  • Biodiesel/ Crude palm olein IV56 Malaysia);
  • Wheat flour with HFNs 375, 340, 360.